Mijeong Kim

I am a Ph.D Student in the Computer Vision Lab of Seoul National University, Korea, under the supervision of Prof. Bohyung Han.

Research Interest

Neural Rendering, 3D Human/Scene Reconstruction, SMPL, Computer Vision, 3D Vision, Deep Learning

Contact info

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Email: mijeong.kim (at) snu.ac.kr

Mijeong Kim


Research Projects

Generative Neural Fields by Mixtures of Neural Implicit Functions
Tackgeun You, Mijeong Kim, Jungtaek Kim, Bohyung Han
[Paper] [Code]

ContraNeRF: 3D-Aware Generative Model via Contrastive Learning with Unsupervised Implicit Pose Embedding
Mijeong Kim, Hyunjoon Lee, Bohyung Han
[Page] [Paper]

InfoNeRF: Ray Entropy Minimization for Few-Shot Neural Volume Rendering
Mijeong Kim, Seonguk Seo, Bohyung Han
[Page] [Paper] [Code]

Overcoming Forgetting in Federated Learning via Importance From Agent
Mijeong Kim*, Jiho Kim*, Minji Kim*
Conducted in Machine Intelligence and Data Science Lab.
(430.658 of SNU, Prof. Taesup Moon)

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Awards & Honors

Teaching Assistant


Deep Learning-Based Pedestrian Removal with Multi-View Data